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I have graduated High School yay!
Does that mean more drawing time for me? More deviations for you?....^^;…

I totally did not know until I saw this. Man he and em were my favorite part of D12
Thats what the SBs that have popped up in my scrap section, I'm hoping that the fact that I put some of my sketches on here will gear me towards trying harder at sketching it impress you guys you know ^^;
Yes, I am looking for some hot ladies to practice my realistic drawing ability (it sucks) If you would like to be my model please send me a note

Honestly, there is no real point to this, there are plenty of stock photos on here that I can draw from. But I think I should be practicing with a model...I always draw it weird when I do it from photos...But I dont have any models...yep...

Time for a change in journal and by the way My Blog cuz I dont think I informed anyone...
I also make crappy poems...Check it
aww who am I kidding, I never partyed a day in my life. Oh, and im not going to Tampa, but school is out (WHOOOO) and im feelin pretty good...but i gotta try and get a job to make some paper before school starts back up in August.  
Wouldn't you know it, I finally get back around to trying to work and my scanner wont work because my printer needs ink (its one of those All-in-One things). This is a sign...

Edit: Problem solved
yep, it was fun while it I'll stay up late nights wondering what could have been...*sobs*
Ok uhh...I dont mean to sound ungrateful or anything (because I am NOT) but why am I suddenly a subscriber?
I know I've been gone for a while (lol i know im talking to myself) but I am planning to start a few big things, i hope and can pull it off....but ill probably crap it up anyway. (note to self: DONT BE LAZY!)
I have a website now.*cough*clickthebutton*cough*
This is my first time (or second depends on how you count) using this since i just heard about today while viewing  's stuff. This kind apopped up. It's kinda fun usin this. I particuarly like rewatching me do it at high speed.…

althought I dont know how to post pictures on here that I made there so there's a link ^
I seem pretty inactive on DA, maybe I should join a club...hmm

Anyone want me in their club lemme know :D
Ok, the FLCL manga is officially the weirdest thing I have ever read. It's pretty much nothing like the show. It's waaaaay freakier. Alot more stuff happens. It's funny, it's confusing, it's got a style of its own, and by the end of the story I still wasn't sure what was going on. It hooked me though, I read both books cover-to-cover non-stop.
Ok, since my 1000th pageviewer never messaged me I guess it'll have to be the 1001th pageviewer. Same rules as the previous journal.
Hey, I've had a great time looking at all the awsome stuff on this site (And I do mean awsome. I've have wondered around the site long enough to have a almost 1000 pageviews of my own. If you are my 1000th pageviewer, tell me. Provide a screenshot please. If you are, tell me to make you something. I have never done a request before so you will be my first. I'll try to make what you said, the more specific you are the the better the chance of the picture coming out good(or whatever). You guys are great man.
Great game so far. Definatly better than the first. I'm lovin it :D
Ok, i've made to the end, and I'm sad. Not that the end is bad or anything, it just made me sad...
I online now people. CHALLENGE ME I SAY....and win because I suck at Halo 2...
I'd get a subscription or buy some prints. I really would...but I don't think I can pay with just cash...sigh
(to those who care) Sorry I havent been submiting stuff. I've been quite busy. I do have one pic in the making but its a style I am unfamilar with and may take a long time...ya...sorry hehe